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Our job's protect dA from theifs
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we blame our stupid actions on our hearts, and our proud actions on our brains

heyo, my name is winq. i go by she/her tho they/them doesnt rlly bother me
Im aproachable n sry if i make any typos, im a grammar nazi but im also rlly distracted lol. i also love my friends so you probably have a death wish if youre planning on hurting them

also the bg of this box changes w my mood so y e
comms n tos

friends n insp

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"if u dont succ my metaphorical dragon dildo of a dick i will personally come 2 ur house in the middle of some godforsaken night that u wont know when and fuck and then kill anyone you love or have ever loved if u dont meet my simple demand ur life will be ruined and i will assure that u die a slow painful death only to descend to the fiery depths of hell to forever atone for your unspeakable sins you otter fucking witch u should be burned at the stake for your sin i have no more respect for you how could you do this to the poor innocent creatures u supposedly loved well one day it turns out ur definition of loving something is entirely different im sorry but u can fantasize about zoophilia as much as u want but in most places and especially on the internet it is an illegal sin that will ruin ur reputation for life and then even more bc after u die and r burning in hell those people will eventually die and some of them will end up their with you, where they will continue to fuck u up until your mental stability is in shreds on the floor but it will never end even if you try to die you cant bc you already did and the pain will last forever because you fucked that motherfucking otter that one night and now u must suffer for all of eternity to atone for your sin you goddamn otter fucking spellcasting pile of bullshit u cunt" ~ pinvvheel




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